what is the reason i have to tell?

hmmm, can't tells about this feel
if you ask me "why you can fall in love with me?", and just only an answer i can tell you " I don't even know why i can fall in love with you"
need a thousand reason to tell you how much i love you, need a thousand sketch for drawing how big this feel. Sounds like i'm attempt for persuading you, isn't are? but as you know that is the reality.
oohhhh i can't tell you about why i can love you but i ever tell you about " i like you when you treat me like this " =====> "read this post"
M Yulvi Fahmi is one of the names who never i expectation before, even never once crossed in my mind, but i'm so thankful for have a chance to be a little bit of his life.

who loves you

Si Bego


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