task from my english lecturer

about a weeks ago,  i had a task from my lecturer (english lecturer). She gave a task about our plan for our future, i don't know what the reason she gave us this task.
so here is the task she gave to us:

1. What are two things you plan to do next year?
first, i am going to build my own bussiness, actually it's not just my own dream but it's our (me& my boy) paln for next year, if you ask me why we want to build a bussiness together? the answer is maybe it'll be our savings to our future
second, i will try to repay a home for me, and i hope someday when i get married i can live in my own house, not in my parents house or my parents in law house.
 2. What is something you hope to buy in the next year?
i hope in the next year i hope i will buying a car (amin), why i choose a car? actually, it's just one of my ego and one of my way for enjoying my life.
3. What would you like to change about your appereance?
i would change my image, and it would start from my fashion ( i mean my style), maybe i will be visible mature because i will change my style from a girls become a elegant woman, and maybe more attention for my diction. ya maybe it will be sounds more polite than now.
4. What is a place you want to visit someday?
i want visit to Thailand someday, i don't know why i choose Thailand, i'm just fall in love with a culture, a building, with a beach of course, and many more " especially for a cheap budget to go there". oh ya and i think Thailand is one of the country who not see someone with a diffrent things, i mean ya they are very respect to ya can we said "someone who have gender deviation".
5. What kind of job you like to have?
"UNENPLOYMENT" i mean i want to be somebody who do nothing but still make a lot of money, so i mean i will be the one who have an own bussiness.
 6. What career goals do you hope to achieve?
simple answer, " just want to give my little family abudant happiness without thinking " what we would to eat tommorrow or how we continue our llife tommorrow.
 7. What will you do when you face a difficult problems?
every person of course have a problem but how we face a difficult problems? i don't know what are you think about facing a diffcult problem but for me when i face  a dificult problem  i usually go to a place and just think " why this promlem is very bother me? think about what is a root of problem i had, and when i find a root of my problem i tried to fix it and always have a confidence if every problem is a GOD WAY, is how God shows us that we deserve to go to the next level of life and believe this is a challenge for us to be inappropriate at the next level. 
Inhale, exhale take a deep breath and smile everything will be alright, keep tough. Remember if strom would have pass.
so if you be me, what the answer you will give?

yutiaza Hs


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