it is about LIFE CHOICES

have you think confused about "wanna try to go out from your comfortable zone?"
have you feel worry about "what kind of job i must do?"

yaa, lately i always think about go out from my comfortable zone about go out from my safety zone i have
but, i always feel worry if i can't do that and my choice has been boomerang for my life, worry if my choice is not successful.

but, isn't success about how to try to find a better life? too risk, too affraid, too worry for taking that. Honestly, maybe he's right about me, about i'm too affraid to go out from my comfortable zone about to try something new something different for my life.

isn't be mature is so easy? but why so difficult to applied?
please, help me to find a right way!
or help me for persuading my mind my heart if i must still stay in this zone
please make me strong for proving if what ever the way  i choose it can be the better choice for my life

yutiaza Hs


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