my experience trip in BANDUNG CITY

hollaaaaa bloggies,

i will tell you about my traveling story at " BANDUNG CITY"
why i must tell all of you about my story???
it's a simple answer " last Tuesday i got a tasked from my Computer Lecturer, for telling a story about experience when you take a trip, and i must post it in my blog"
so why must i tell about BANDUNG?
and the answer is because i forgot my experience when i traveled to another place or country or city  or whatever it, hehehe actually i remember about my experience when i traveled to YOGYAKARTA in the month of MAY last year, but i can't tell you about my experience in YOGYAKARTA last year because ( i went to YOGYAKARTA with my ex boy ) hahahaha.
so, i think it's enough to explain why i CHOOSE my trip on BANDUNG

okey ,let me start it

January, 11th 2015

a few days ago, my work mate and i had a plan to visited some famous places in Bandung.
first i will showed my itinerary

10.00 AM             : a Cecep (my work mate) picked me up
10.30 AM             : visiting  ALUN-ALUN BANDUNG
11.30 AM             : visiting “MUSEUM GEOLOGI”
12.00 PM             : having a lunch at “ BOMB resto” and enjoying dessert at “ MANGKUK MANIS”
14.00 PM             : visiting “ TAMAN HUTAN RAYA Ir. DJUANDA”
17.00 PM             : back to our home

So that Is our simple itinerary
And let me start with the stories

At 10 o’clock a Cecep was picked me up at my home, and in accordance with our planed, first we visited “ ALUN-LAUN BANDUNG”. Actually the reason why we visited this place is because we want to try BANDROS BUS, hahahaha sounds stupid right? But we must do this because when you work in a part of tourism office, it’s a must for you to know about what’s happening in your city. So, first I tried to found a Ticket booth, and surprised me and actually it makes me sad, so, it turns out in that day BANDROS didn't operate, because all unit of BANDROS was used because there was an event that I forgot what is the name of that event. Surely, it made us very  dissaponted so much. But our trip must go on, so we didn't won't to waste our time just for sadness, so we continue our trip

Second places is “ MUSIUM GEOLOGI BANDUNG”
at 11 o'clock, we arrived to Museum, okay i will tell you a little bit history of Musium Geologi Bandung.
Musium Geologi was built on May, 16th 1928.  the museum has been renovated with fund by JICA (Japan International Coorparation Agency). After renovated, geological museum reopened and inaugurated by Mrs. Megawati Soekarno Putri on Agust, 20th 2000. In this museum, stored and managed geological materials are abundant, such as fossils, rocks, minerals. All of them were collected during field work in Indonesia since 1850.
Geology Museum is divided into several exhibition halls occupy the first and second floors. The following are the rooms that are on the second floor of the Museum of Geology and the functions and contents of the room.
Fisrt Floor was divided into 3 main rooms and the second floor was divided into 3 main rooms too. but unfotunately there was some rooms being renovated.



after we visited Geological Museum, we felt HUNGRY, so the third place is 


" BOMB Restaurant and MANGKOK MANIS Dessert" because worm in our tummy has been yelled  "LAPAR-LAPAR, can you give me some meals, please?(the worm said)" so my friend and i decided for taking ordered. The price in this resto ya not too cheap not too expensive too, but suitable for student wallet hahaha.


BOMB Restaurant was located on Cihampelas street hmmm if you feel hard to find it, BOMB located in front of D'BATARA Hotel, before Pasopati Fly Over, and Mangkok Manis Dessert right on in front of BOMB Restaurant.

after having our lunch we felt FULL, and hard to move on from our table. but our trip must go on, so the fourth place and it's our final trip, we visited "TAHURA Ir. DUJANDA".

one of my favorite pict
Tahura is one of the forest in BANDUNG thats protected by goverment, TAHURA have so many Object that we can be visited, like Goa Belanda, Goa Jepang, We decided  for visiting " GOA JEPANG and GOA BELANDA" 
 first we entered GOA BELANDA, there so cold and dark, because GOA BELANDA located in under the ground,  but don't worry at GOA BELANDA there are so many people who rent their flashlight, you will be charged only Rp 5.000, so you can still continue your adventure without worry because of dark.

after we entered GOA BELANDA, we decided to continue our adventure to CAPTIVE DEER within approximeately 1 km from GOA BELANDA. We were very very enjoyed our trip because of the awesome view, unexpected in Bandung City there are still places that 90% is stilll very green.  but unfortunetly, in a half of our journey we were GIVE UP so we decided to get back, don't ask me why we can GIVE UP. We still continue our adventure, in this time we entered GOA JEPANG, GOA JEPANG looks more scary and more mystical than GOA BELANDA, there are many bat, and too much tunnel. 


honestly, i don't know what to tell what else, so i think it's enough for explain about my experience.

our adventure is over

( eleh ini bahasa inggris kayanya ngaco, wkwkkw gapapa namanya juga belajar)
  see you bloggiess

yutiaza hs



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