well, i think I LOVE HIM SO MUCH

okey i think i am in a right way for choosing him to be my future hihihi

you know? when LDR (Long Distance Relationship) makes us separate no no no not our relationship but our distance hehhee, ARGHHHH it's can killing me softly :(

yesterday, my boy and I have a breakfasting together at one of mall in Bandung, he didn't pick me up from my office but we met at BIP. I don't even know, but i think yesterday he looks so HANDSOME hahaha, ya for a few days he looks different than usually. after that we went to LOG IN STRORE, ya he want to buy a LED TV, and he ask me to accompany him, and after that we went to IP (Istana Plaza) he want buy some clothes for me for LEBARAN DAY.
Are you kidding me? Are you serious? he said "it's for you, present because you already fasting for a month" hahhaha oh boy you treart me like i'm a child, But thank you for your gift honey :-*
sometimes when he started to spoil me, I always feel if "I AM THE LUCKIEST GIRL EVER" hahhaa.


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