better or getting worse

this morning i woke up with unusual feeling.
a little excited, but sad too

last night i already had a conversation with Yulvi,
to be honest i really really support him with all his decision in wherever he is, whatever the situation, i really support him. And when he tell me about an invitation for interviewed on The Celecton JABABEKA, hmm honestly i got a NANO NANO feeling.
i glad to hear that but the other side i feel sad.

so glad to hear that, it means this condotion will be a chance to better than now, and i thankfully too for this good news it means the prayer that i prayed will be granted by GOD, but the other side i really really sad because of this. maybe it's just my EGO feels, to be honest i really  really scare if i will lost him 😩.

I know if all of the fate already written, but i can't lied to my heart if i'm not ready and maybe never ready to lost him.

happy for dreaming i can build a little family with him, married, have a child, and grows old together, but i don't know i just feels if i will lost him


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